Monday, 14 December 2015


Morning Dressies!!

DO come along and join in some more very exciting fun on 16th from 11am!!

Can't tell you what is happening as we want to make it  a lovely Festive surprise for you all!!


A few clues ..........

Do you like having fun?  

Do you enjoy All Dressed Up images?

Do you like a bargain?

Do you like a massive bargain?

Answered YES to these?

Then come back at 11am on 16th.......

Remember the FB Challenge is still running and the Blog Challenge closes in a few hours so you still have time to enter the last one this year!!



  1. Ooo I'm at work... Might have to sneak off somewhere with my phone ! X

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  4. I'm hoping that whatever it is will still be around at lunchtime - I'll be working at 11am!

    Helen x

    1. It will be hun. Don't worry it's not just a 11am. The out goes live at 11 and you will have plenty time to take part!!

  5. It sounds interesting and intriguing... !


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