FAQ - Digi stamps

We are often asked about what a digi or digital stamp is and how to use them,
 so here is a simple guide... 

What are digi / digital stamps?
These are usually a black and white line image (Some can be precoloured) which are sent to you as a digital file - you do not get a physical stamp to hold in your hand! 

Why digi over Rubber?
The advantages of Digis are many -
1) They are cheaper
2) Take up little storage space
3) Can be resized, twisted, flipped and merged with other images to create scenes etc.

Stand by for techy bit but bare with..... its simple - don't let it put you off...
A digi can come in a PNG. or a JPG. file - The difference is PNG.files have a transparent background and can be layered on top of other images so you could merge images together. 

Your All Dressed Up digi will be sent to you as a PNG.
Click on the file and right click and download or extract all. You can then open the image in which ever programme you use to print the image out. 
There is a step by step guide to purchasing, downloading and resizing All Dressed Up Images with pictures on another page which goes into detail if you need more help.

Printing & Papers
The paper you print onto will often depend on what you are going to colour the image with. 
It is difficult to watercolour with a digital image as the ink will often run but with care it is possible.
If you are using alcohol markers such as Copics, Promarkers or Spectrum Noir - you will need a paper that doesn't let the markers bleed. 

Neenah smooth, X-press, and Make It Colour are all good for using with your pens but can be expensive. If you are using pencils you may want experiment with using a different paper. 

Be mindful of the thickness of the card or paper you put through and what your printer can cope with. 
Some people will leave a digi for a few minutes to "dry" before working with it.  

***Please remember Digis are copyright - Do not share them or post them without a watermark***

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