Saturday 10 May 2014

Clock Tutorial By Dressy Girl Stacey

Afternoon Dressies, 
If you saw our May release post you would have seen the amazing Clock by Dressy girl Stacey
Stacey was kind enough to do a tutorial for us so you can try it yourselves. 

Step 1. Get yourself a cheap Alarm clock (I used a cheap £1.49 clock from B&M (said £2.99 on it but went through till at £1.49)

Step 2. Remove the four screws in the back and keep in a safe place. pull off the back. Unscrew the legs and the nuts on top of the domes on the top of the clock (Be careful here the metal handle flies off very fast!)

 Step 3. The inside should now pull out. Gently pull off each clock hand in turn and remove the numbered heart. keep all clock hands screws and bolts somewhere safe for now.

Step 4. In a small pot mix some glossy accents with generous amounts of glitter and frantage fragments. I used both purple glitter and some holographic embossing powder to give it a very sparkly effect.

Step 5. Generously coat all the surface of the main clock body and the two domes. Leave overnight to dry. Any drips that have settled at the base of the domes or the heart can be covered later with pearls or ribbon/lace

Step 6. Print out a digi of your choice and use the numbered heart you pulled out of the clock as a template to cut around. I scanned the heart and then traced it in the cameo.

Step 7. One traced I released compound path and then removed all the numbers. The number two is stuck onto the outline so I used the knife to cut that off.

 Step 8. I used the measuring rulers on the side of the cameo to make the heart the correct size. As I had used the knife tool the heart didn't quite cut out fully so I had to finish the top bit with some scissors. To be honest when I do the next one I think i will just cut it out freehand it was a lot of faffing lol. I used a eyelet tool to make a hole in the middle.

Step 9. Ok so colour your image and stick it back onto the clock face. add the hands of the clock back on carefully (you will know which to put on first as the holes are different sizes. I added more glitter around the edge of the image and on the inside of the clock sides. Decorate with flowers using silicone glue and you are done! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?!?!

 **Credit to  Erin for the idea. Erins tutorial can be found here**


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this !!! i think anyone would be happy with this for christmas ! x

  2. So pretty is your creation and thank you for the tutorial x

  3. Oh My! This is fabulous, precious and adoring. What a special keepsake. Beautiful transformation. Big Hugs, AntoinetteT

  4. What a fantastic idea, well done. Great tutorial and inspiration. Blessings Hilde

  5. What a fabulous idea! Your clock is so sweet. The heart shape is just perfect!

  6. What a beautiful creation.

    Toni xx

  7. What a gorgeous clock and fab tutorial. Thank you xx

  8. Wow, what an amazing project, love it! Thanks for the fab tutorial!
    Helen x

  9. Never seen owt like it! It's a little belter Stacey! I'm dead jealous! xxx