Friday, 24 January 2014

Grass Tutorial from Dressy Girl Nicole

Hi Everyone!!
It's Nicole here today with
a quick tutorial on coloring lush grass.

I have used the sweet image called,
"I Love My Puppy"
Lay down a base coat of the lightest
green that you will be using.
In this case, I have used YG11.

Grab another shade of green and make little "W's"
or crowns.  Start at the bottom and flick up toward the image.

Take another shade and make small "V's" over the
"W's" and flick up towards the image

Go back in with a different shade of green and
repeat with the clumps of "W's"

Add in the clumps of "V's" over the "W's" to 
continue building the colors.  Keep all of your 
strokes as light as you can.

Take you darkest shades at the end and do some 
very fine flicks.  From the bottom of the "W's" 
and the bottom of the "V's" covering all clumps.

With your darkest color, go over your work
with tiny flicks from the bottom to top
working towards the image. 

You will repeat the process a few times to
build up the color.

Making your flicks as thin as possible, add more
color and fill in the grass as desired. 

Repeat until you have filled it in and 
the grass is lush.

Make some longer strokes from the bottom
to the top closer to the image to hide the clumps.

All of your strokes should have been very light 
throughout the process, so there shouldn't 
be much bleed through with your paper.

When you are finished, you should have nice
lush grass at the bottom of your image 
and you can add more strokes after 
you are done coloring the image.

To see this card completed, 
please pop over to my
blog next week.


  1. Brilliant! My grass leaves a lot to be desired and this tute will set me on the right path! Thanks for this Nicole! xxx

  2. Fantastic Tutorial Nicole xx

  3. It looks like the real thing!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Great tutorial, Nicole! Thank you! :o)