Wednesday 16 October 2013

Grounding images & colouring grass tutorial from Dressy Girl Trudie.

Good Morning fellow crafters!  
 Today I am answering a Facebook query posted by Lyndsey Turner who asked about grounding images and colouring grass.
I have used one of the Three Little Autumn Girls that can be found HERE for tutorial.  I hope you find it useful.  This is my first tutorial of this type so any pointers or if I have missed anything please feel free to comment and ask further questions.  I will try to help as best I can. 
This tutorial is based on what I do when colouring, there are various different things you can do but these are my methods!
(all colouring is done with Copics)
First finish colouring your selected image.
I then used C4 to colour a direct shadow underneath her feet, then C2 and C0 blended out so the shadow appears lighter.

This looks pretty simple but it certainly makes her look like she is standing on something rather than floating on the page.


Colouring Grass

Again start by colouring your image.

For the sand/ground I have used a mixture of  'E' colours and some W4.

The first colour I applied was E55. Start by scribbling some small areas.

The next colour was W4, and I did the same again to begin filling in the gaps.

Then I used E23, E29 and E35.  These can be used in any order and any combination.

Now we start on the grass.  I used YG97 and holding the pen vertical and lightly against the paper use a small flicking motion upwards.   This will give the illusion of a thicker stalk nearer the ground and then tapering off to complete the blade.

I then did the same using the YG67.

And then finished the grass off with the G24. 

The grass looks much more realistic and effective done like this, in smaller blades or clumps rather than colouring a large area.  You will notice that the blades go over the boots and the soil.  This helps to ground her.  I finished off the image by using the W4 directly under her feet just to add a little more depth.

I hope you have found this helpful.  These are really the first stages we can go into more detail by adding flowers etc another time.

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Have fun...... 

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  1. Fantastic lesson, Trudie! I don't have Copics but I can apply the same principles using my pencils! Thanks very much! :o)

  2. Fantastic tutorial Trudie, will have to give this is ago. X

  3. Fantastic tutorial!!!! Thanks so much!

  4. Will have to try this great tut.x